Hold that thought, patriarch
You move alone, but you move stones
We paint them black as you watch us
Recollect, return
The ones that crack back to you

Well I know you won’t fall asleep tonight
I’ve followed you home, I’ve seen you shed your skin
Cause ‘neath the black, you are shining
‘neath the rags is laughter,
‘neath that laugh could you see

* Me as the same as you
You as the first thing I see when I open my eyes
Come off that burning step you will find here it’s not
As cold as the ice
My love can be your love
Watch as the calvary bow when your hand touches mine
I’m standing right here and I dare you to love me
But I know what you would say

But hold that thought, Hold that thought

Hold that thought, matriarch
Leave these walls, don’t you worry
Take my hand and i will show you
Take your heart let it soar
Take your eyes let them see