You say you’ve come for me
This is no place for my heart to swim in
You have seen the sun drown in sadness
And stones they weep
But I have learnt the reason in madness
Why drunks they sleep well

I’m back you, say
Come back

I’ve lost my love again
But what is love but unfolding perception
Well time is grounding
Two hours and fifteen minutes for shots to leap
And fifty-one days, internal combustion
Then I can sleep well

Come back you say
But I’m gone
So goodbye, goodbye

Now I can close my eyes, on my own
Warm in my heart as your coffee’s getting cold
I’m just fine on my own
Thank you for asking, oh
What were you thinking, though
How do you love one who loves on a whim?
Your coffee’s been paid for
You’re not what I came for

So goodbye