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The Only Absolute

Ten years of age
And I’ve got into troubles
Got into situations, but I got out too

The nineties were great
We all played together
Played in the rain, no worries and no rules

I was born a little lucky
Born a little loud
Born not so street-wise, I learnt that on my own

I was hungry for life
Hungry to grow up
Hungry to change the world
And set the sky alight

But at night
When the sky is just a glimmer
My hunger takes a back seat
And it’s time to realign

The world is such a beauty
I can’t see it with my eyes
But I swear it comes a-singin’
A resonating line

Then I’m calm
It goes


Twenty years later
Think I’ve found what I need
People in my life, they make me complete

Something feels wrong
With this comfort I feel
Things I never comprehended but are real

My heart it is broken
By the ways of the world
The ways of the riches
The haze of the poor

The glazed eyes of the middle
They think they’re in control
The more my days they go, the more weary my soul
So I don’t know

My mind it has left me
And so has my song

The world it rages
Nothing is certain
Take me to ten again, when rain was just rain

This time of low, this time of lonesome
I think of you and know
My heart can be okay

So let’s go
When this tide it turns over
When I can have your hand in my hand
In a wide open field

I don’t know
Don’t know where I want to be
Don’t know how I want to live
Don’t know how I want to give

When nothing is certain
My absolute is you

Copyright 2021. Written & Composed by Amanda Tee


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